Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada / Affaires autochtones et Développement du Nord Canada Canada

Name Change:

In June 2011, the government of Canada changed the name of the department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development Canada (INAC or IAND) to Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC). The name change does not affect the mandate or operations of the Department.

AANDC’s mandate derives from the Indian Act and its amendments, as well as from judicial decisions, policy decisions, and program practices that have developed over the years. AANDC negotiates comprehensive and specific land claims and self-government agreements on behalf of the Government of Canada, and oversees the implementation of claim settlements. It delivers services such as education, housing, community infrastructure, and social support to Status Indians on reserves. It also manages land and executes other regulatory duties under the Indian Act.

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Negotiating a Specific Claim with AANDC:

The process of negotiating a specific claim can be complicated. Generally, once a First Nation submits a claim which meets a “minimum standard”, a “three-year” process begins. A successful claim will be assessed, accepted for negotiation, and settled within this three-year time frame. An unsuccessful claim may be rejected for negotiation, or a settlement will not be reached after negotiation takes place. If a claim is rejected for negotiation or a settlement is not concluded, the First Nation may opt to submit the claim to the Specific Claims Tribunal. Below are AANDC documents that provide an overview of the Specific Claims Negotiation process:

The Coldwater-Narrows Land Claim negotiation is a recent example of the type of negotiations that take place between the AANDC and First Nations on specific claims. The following are documents produced by AANDC pertaining to the negotiation:

Reports and Statistics: AANDC keeps records of the Specific Claims filed in Canada. Below are a compilation of statistics and reports created by AANDC on Specific Claims progress.

The AANDC publishes various documents from time to time informing the public on current developments on the Department’s operations. Below is a compilation of AANDC documents pertaining to Specific Claims. Developments and Publications – From the 1960s to present: